Expert Real Estate Legal Services in New Jersey

At Bennett Pennington Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services for all your real estate needs. Serving Essex, Union, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, and Somerset counties, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to ensuring your property transactions are smooth and stress-free.

How We Can Help - Services Overview

Navigating Your Property Transactions with Precision & Care

Attorney Review

The Attorney Review process begins once an offer is signed by all parties. This critical phase, lasting 3 days, involves negotiating contract changes to ensure fair terms. Our attorneys will guide you through modifications, protect your interests, and provide clear legal advice.

Deposits & Inspections

After the Attorney Review, the buyer submits an earnest money deposit. We advise a thorough home inspection, including general, termite, radon inspections, and more. Post-inspection, we help negotiate repairs or concessions to safeguard your investment.

Mortgage and Title Insurance

The mortgage process involves submitting an application and necessary financial documentation. We guide you through appraisals and title searches to ensure a clear title. Our team helps secure mortgage commitments and protect against title issues.

The Closing Process

Once all prior steps are complete, we schedule the closing. The buyer signs all mortgage paperwork, provides final payments, and receives the deed and keys. We ensure the original deed is properly recorded with the county.

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