Scott Pennington

Scott is a Partner at Bennett Pennington LLC, along with his wife, Christina Bennett Pennington, Esq. Scott’s primary areas of practice are: Criminal Defense & Expungements; Traffic Matters (particularly DWI/DUI); Wills, Trusts & Estates; Family Court (involving Domestic Violence and Juvenile Delinquency); Educational and Employment Equity (Harassment & Discrimination);

Scott has provided legal services to several public entities, including: the cities of Newark (as well as the Newark Public Schools); East Orange; Bloomfield; Jersey City; and The Englewood Public Schools. As part of his Criminal Defense practice, Scott has served as a Municipal Public Defender in Orange, Irvington, and Roselle Municipal Courts.

During his career in the public sector, Scott has conducted up to 500 investigations of harassment and discrimination, and has provided harassment and discrimination training to literally thousands of individuals in various public-school districts and government entities throughout New Jersey. He has also provided instruction and counseling to numerous members of the various leadership teams, with an aim toward litigation avoidance.

Scott has successfully defended individuals charged with criminal offenses, including: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Extortion, Prostitution, Larceny, Counterfeiting, Drug Matters, Assaults with Deadly Weapons, etc., and has defended literally hundreds of DWI’s (with an impressive dismissal/acquittal streak of 24 DWI’s in a short period of 24 consecutive months). He has served on the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Committee on Municipal Court Practice as well as the local Attorney Ethics Committee.

Scott is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After military service, Scott served as an instructor of telecommunications for the phone company; then as a Teacher of Telecommunications in the Newark Public Schools (“NPS”), where he was later promoted to the position of Affirmative Action/EEO Officer, in a position which he held for several years.

In addition to his career endeavors, Scott has found time to participate in various non-profit activities, such as his current positions on the Board of Directors of Project Re-direct, Newark, as well as the Board of Women in Media – Newark; and his former positions as Board Vice President of Jersey Cares, Board Vice President of the Tri-Cities Peoples Corporation, Board Member of the United Academy (a former private school in Newark), Founding Director of the Newark Affiliate of Kids Voting-NJ, Trustee on the Board of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County, located on Cleveland Street in Orange (where he has worshiped since he was a small child), and is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (the oldest African-American college fraternity in America).

Recently, Scott served as the only male participant on a panel in Manhattan to address the issue of sexual harassment, entitled “I Believe Women”. Scott has provided numerous seminars to the public, including a presentation on Expunging Criminal Records, which he provided to various churches and civic organizations throughout New Jersey, including the Ebenezer Baptist Church on William Street in Orange.

Scott has appeared many times on television, radio, and in print, discussing topics ranging from government & politics, volunteerism, education, technology and, of course, law. He has appeared several times on Caucus: NJ; has appeared on UPN-9 News, News 12-NJ, NJN News, and WABC.

Scott spends his leisure time writing, cooking, painting, traveling with his wife, volunteering, enjoying movies, researching genealogy, and reading.