Traffic Violations

When you are charged with a traffic offense in New Jersey you have three options; plead guilty, subjecting yourself to the possible penalties, hire a New Jersey traffic violation attorney, or try to handle the case on your own. Each of these options can be appropriate in certain circumstances. To avoid certain penalties that you may not be aware of, it may be wise to hire a New Jersey traffic violation lawyer who is well versed in our traffic laws to help you through the process.

Common Traffic Violations

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Refusal to consent to breathalizer (DWI / DUI)
  • Failure to yield; failure to yield to pedestrians
  • Tailboard riding / following too closely
  • Failure to observe / avoiding traffic signal
  • Failure to stop at railroad crossing
  • Leaving the scene of accident
  • Failure to signal
  • Failure to comply with directions of officer
  • Seat belt / helmet violations
  • Driving without registration
  • Driving with an expired license or no license
  • Driving while suspended
  • Unsafe or missing mirrors / ties
  • Noisy muffler / air pollution
  • Improper lighting / altering equipment
  • Transporting passengers for hire
  • Unauthorized plates
  • Obstruction of windshield / view
  • Commercial infractions
    • Failure to possess a valid CDL
    • Excess weight or dimension / axle limitation
    • Exceeding maximum on-duty hours
  • Fail to yield / pull over for emergency vehicles
  • Snow or ice falling off moving vehicle
  • Leaving engine running / abandonment
  • Throwing litter from vehicle / polluting
  • Delaying traffic; Obstructing passage of vehicles
  • Driving on sidewalk / driving on safety island
  • Racing; speed records
  • U-Turn where view obstructed or “No U-Turn”
  • Wrong way on one-way street
  • Failure to overtake and pass properly
  • Parking infractions
    • Double parking; Handicap parking
    • No parking / no standing
    • Improper parking; Leaving curb

New Jersey Point System

When you receive a New Jersey traffic ticket, the violation is recorded to your driving record, along with a designated number of points. This only applies to moving violations (such as New Jersey speeding tickets and other infractions committed while actually operating your vehicle), not for parking tickets or similar violations. These also don’t take into account New Jersey DUI laws, for which there are much harsher and more immediate consequences.

Any driver who is convicted of a moving violation will be assessed points for each conviction in accordance with the N.J.S.A Point Schedule.  The point system is scaled according to the severity of the violation. Some of the most common traffic tickets and their points are listed here:

Violation Points
Failure to yield to pedestrian or other vehicle 2 points
Disregarding traffic signs or signals 2 points
Speeding 1-14 MPH over limit 2 points
Speeding 15-20 MPH over limit 4 points
Speeding 30 MPH or more over limit 5 points
Reckless/aggressive driving, tailgating 5 points
Causing an accident resulting in personal injury 8 points

Traffic Ticket Process

Depending on the type of ticket you receive, you may be required to appear in court, or you may have the option to pay “without contest”.

If you have the option to pay without contest, and accept it, you will be assessed the points and fines each ticket carries, and your matter will be concluded.  Points typically increase your insurance premiums, and may also lead to a loss of license.  This may be your simplest option, but not necessarily the most cost effective.

In New Jersey, the accumulation of 6 points places you on probation, incurring a surcharge to the State.  12 or more points causes your license to be suspended for a period of time. Additional charges or points increase this length of time. Continued or repeat offenses can lead to mandatory jail time and up to two years with no license.

Pleading Guilty for a Traffic Violation

If you appear in Court and plead guilty to the ticket(s) you could face fines, penalties, points, surcharges and any fees that are associated with your violation. You will lose all your rights and options, and must accept whatever punishment the Judge deems appropriate for your violations. If points are issued, you face fines from the State of New Jersey and risk having rate increases from your insurance company.

Pleading Not Guilty for a Traffic Violation

Pleading not guilty gives you the right to a trial and the right to try to enter a plea bargaining agreement to lessen the charges. Even with a guilty verdict, you can reduce or eliminate the points and fines that might be assessed, based on any plea deal that is recommended by the Prosecutor, and approved by the Judge.

We have years of experience in these types of cases and in negotiating better terms for our clients.  We’ll represent you in court, helping you to avoid license suspensions or jail time, reduce points, fines and fees and provide you the expert legal counsel you need to help you navigate the judicial system.